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Denny Trombley, 5 Point, 2000

Charlie Price, 155lb 10 Point, 2000

Pretty river fish!!

Tiffany VanderBie and Bill Brower, 2002

Brent Beverwyk, 7 Point Buck, 2003


Mark DeGraaf, 8 Point 175lbs

Aaron Slagh 2002

tournament 2010

Mark DeGraaf, Two 8 Point Bucks

Jamie VanLiere, 8 Point, 125lb

Caleb Wolters 20lb King april 2006

Austin Brewer 9 point 2003

Matt DeGraaf & Aaron Slagh, 27in 8 1/2lb Brown Trout

1st Place - 1 More, 2nd Place - Wojoe, and 3rd Place -Buck Fever

Excavator Stuck In Pigeon Creek

Josh Steketee, 22lb, 11in Beard

Matt B , Bill B, and Jimmy B

Terry Ankelen, 2000

Bruce Vanderbie, 150lb 8 Point Buck

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