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Jeff Mulder

Chase Turkstra Hen Turkey with an 8 inch beard!! 12lbs

Brian Dobrinski 22.25 lbs 2002

2010 3rd place!

Matt Carini First Brown trip 2009

Justin Schuiling Channel Cat!

Rick Prince, 10 1/2 Spread, 9 Point, 1999

Beautiful Brown Trout, Jeff Hemmeke

Matt Carini with a Nice Bluegill

Mike Bosnjak, 8 Point, 155lb

Travis Carini with his first ever Colorado river Cut-throat!

Andrew Laurence, 8 Point 125lb, 2006

RJ Dick

Chris Boyce 10 point 205 lb 15.75 inches wide 2001

Jake Doornewerd 14in Lake Perch

Nice View

Matt DeGraaf

Excavator Stuck In Pigeon Creek

Justin Schuiling and Matt Heuvel-- WHITEFISH!

Tim and Brian

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