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Chris Boyce 10 point 205 lb 15.75 inches wide 2001

Spanky, 155lb 8 Point

Marcus Dewitt 18.25 lbs 34.5 inches March 2003

Kelly Bowerman

RJ Dick Cackler

Eddie Sou 4 point

Jeff Kreun 21.25 lbs 9.5 inch beard 2001

Denny Trombley, 5 Point, 2000

Jeff Mulder

Terry Ankelen, 2000

Josh Steketee, 22lb, 11in Beard

Brandon Slagh, 8 Point White Tail Buck

Dennis Tromley, 8 Point, 175lb

Shane Johnson 250lbs Black Bear

Bob Carini and Gary Roach Mr Walleye

Dave Decker, 10 Point, 168lbs, 2003

Dan Topp 14.5 lbs 40 inches long Caught in Pigeon Lake

Brian Vliem, 26lb

Eric 10.5 inch and Todd 9.5 inch

7th Place - 12th Annual Salmon Tournament 2012

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