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Excavator Stuck In Pigeon Creek

Ali and Jacob 19lb King Salmon, 2003

Eddie Sou 4 point

Rod Morse, 8 Point 165lb

Chase Turkstra, Matt Carini, Aaron Slagh, Travis Carini, Jeremy Walters, 2006

Dave Bos 6point 125lb

2nd Place - Wojoe - 12th Annual Salmon Tournament 2012

Mark DeGraaf, 8 Point 175lbs

Matt B , Bill B, and Jimmy B

Bruce Vanderbie, 150lb 8 Point Buck

Bob and Travis Dorn, 2000

Brian Dobrinski 22.25 lbs 2002


6th Place - 12th Annual Salmon Tournament 2012

Derrick Dreyer 14yo 3lb 17 in

Don Linton 10inch beard 20lb 2002

Reel Action Fishing Team

Justin Schuiling spring Turkey 2011

Travis Carini, Canadian Geese

Matt DeGraaf

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