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Marcus Dewitt 18.25 lbs 34.5 inches March 2003

Rich Temperle 125lb 5 point

Chase Turkstra, Matt Carini, Aaron Slagh, Travis Carini, Jeremy Walters, 2006

Justin Schuiling

Tom Arens, 150lb 6 point Buck

Mike Bosnjak, 8 Point, 155lb

Matt DeGraaf, 7b Point 115lb

Jake Doornewerd 14in Lake Perch

Brendan Saldivar

Bill Phelps, 10 Point, 175lb

Aaron Slagh 2002

Bob Carini and Gary Roach Mr Walleye

tournament 2010

RJ Dick

Eddie Sou 4 point

Dave Bos 6point 125lb

Brandon Slagh, 8 Point White Tail Buck

Matt Dirkse, 140lb, 8 Point Buck

Brent Beverwyk, 2003

Bruce Vanderbie, 150lb 8 Point Buck

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