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Amanda Underwood, Two King Salmon

Great day on the lake, 11 fish

1st Tournament 1st place 8 6 99

tournament 2010

Tournament Winners


Justin Schuiling

Marcus Dewitt 18.25 lbs 34.5 inches March 2003

Bruce Vanderbie, 150lb 8 Point Buck

Bob Carini and Gary Roach Mr Walleye

Four massive King Salmon

2 1/2lb 15 3/8in Black Crappie

7th Place - 12th Annual Salmon Tournament 2012

Rich Temperle 125lb 5 point

Steve Woods 25 lb King Salmon

Chase Turkstra and Ross Schippers Awesome Walleye catch !

Whitetail Buck in velvet

Justin Schuiling and Matt Heuvel-- WHITEFISH!

RJ Dick

Jimmy B

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